Your Legal refinancing team

We’ll help you to make sense of your legal obligations when refinancing your home

We help you with the legal side of your finances when you want to refinance your loan

Whether you are buying or selling you are often changing your legal obligations with your bank. We'll help you to ensure a smooth transition to a new bank.

Plain speak, simple billing, no surprises

Because we specialise in property sales and purchases and the legal obligations that arise from property transactions, we make sure you know what is involved and cut out the legal speak.

Refinancing with confidence

There's a lot of paperwork involved in refinancing a home, and lots of fine print. You'll need a lawyer to help with the process. That's why it's important to get our team to help you.

Reviewing your loan documents

Discharging your current mortgage and registering your new mortgage

Help in getting finance – from banks and lenders

Reviewing guarantor documentation

Urgent refinancing

Drafting loan agreements for family lending

Advice on relationship property sharing and protecting gifts from family

Advice on protecting your individual contributions on mortgages with a partner

Referring to a mortgage adviser

We'll help you to refinance your home

Changing banks

When you want to move banks, or have paid off your loan, we'll help you to discharge your mortgage and obligations that may be there even if the debt is paid

Borrowing more

We'll help you to change your lending agreement with your bank should you want to buy an investment property or renovate your home.

Plus we'll help with

Our refinancing legal expertise also includes:

Relationship property agreements

Advising on property sharing or relationship property agreements or protecting gifts from family.

Setting up a will to fit your mortgage situation

A will can help relieve the financial and emotional strain on your family with regards to your property estate and what you own and owe.

Trusts to protect your family home

Trusts have benefits and down sides. We'll advise if you should get a Trust and how it would be set up, particularly if you are self-employed.

Property sales and purchases are what we do best!

The Your Legal team process was easy and made the daunting process simple.
Amanda V
The guys at Your Legal were lovely to deal with and easy to approach.
Simon H
I knew what to expect through the buying process. Thanks Anthony and team!
Susan M

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