Legal services to help
make your property sale
as safe as houses

When you are selling your home it makes sense to have the support of a legal team that specialises in residential property sales.

Making sure the sale goes through smoothly

Ensure you’re making the best decisions for you, your circumstances and the unique circumstances around the property you’re selling

Supporting you through the sales process

Our process has been designed to ensure you’re in the loop every step of the way, and so is your real estate agent, for a smooth transaction

Plain speak, simple billing, no surprises

Because we specialise in property sales and purchases, we make sure you know what we cost, and cut out the legal speak

Helping you with the property sales process


Before the sale

Usually, the start of the sales process will be handled by your real estate agent. But the sooner you get us involved in the sales process, the sooner we can address any legal issues that might arise with the conditions of the sale, to put you in a position to fulfil your legal obligations for your sale.


Going unconditional

Once all the conditions of the sale have been met, you're officially unconditional. Next up, we'll complete the legal process to sell your home including arranging to discharge your mortgage with the bank, arrange the balance of the final rates, and transfer of ownership, ready for settlement day.


Settlement day

Once we receive the payment for the property we'll help to pay off the bank loan for the property, discharge and pay any final bills associated with the sale before transferring the remaining funds to you.

We also offer legal services to help you
to sell with confidence

Bright-line testing advice

If you're selling your home within ten years of buying it  we'll help advise you on the bright-line testing process.

Private sales contracts

We'll help you to navigate the process of a private sales and purchase agreement and guide you on disclosing anything that a buyer legally needs to know.

Refinancing your home

Working alongside you and your bank or mortgage adviser, for when you want to change banks or release equity in your home.

Plus we'll help with

Got a question?

View our frequently asked questions

From translating the legal jargon to knowing what to expect, our property law specialists have been asked it all! Visit our frequently asked questions page to find the answers to our most common asked questions.

Property sales and purchases are what we do best!

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