Legal services to help make your property purchase as safe as houses

When you are making the biggest purchase of your life, it makes sense to use a legal team that specialises in residential property purchases and let's you track the process of going unconditional.

Helping you to dot the i’s and cross the t’s

Ensure you’re making the best decisions for you, your situation and the unique circumstances of the property you’re buying

We’re here for you through the process

Our process ensures you’re in the loop every step of the way, and so is your real estate agent, for a smooth transaction

Plain speak, simple billing, no surprises

Because we specialise in property sales and purchases, we make sure you know what we cost, and cut out the legal speak

Helping you through the buying process


Making an offer

We can help review the conditions before you make an offer and give you advice on what conditions to add to your offer to make sure you cover all the necessary checks for your due diligence on the property.


Your offer is accepted

Woo hoo! Your offer has been accepted. Let’s get started with getting those conditions satisfied. We will provide advice on title and LIM issues, and give you guidance around EQC (if applicable) and things you’ve spotted on the building report that could be an issue. We’ll deal with any KiwiSaver withdrawal and first-home grants. Meanwhile, you’ll be busy organising your finance and insurance. Once you are happy with all the conditions, it’s time to go unconditional.


It's settlement time

Communication is key for the big day. We'll keep you in the loop about what's happening in the background with money transfers, final paperwork and most importantly, when you can get the keys to your new home.

Got a question?

We answer your questions about the legal process for buying and selling a residential property in New Zealand

From translating the legal jargon to knowing what to expect, our property law specialists have been asked it all! Visit our frequently asked questions page to find the answers to our most common asked questions.

Looking to buy at auction?

Make sure you’ve got all the right information with our
Bid with Confidence Your Legal auction report.

Property sales and purchases are what we do best!

The Your Legal team process was easy and made the daunting process simple.
Amanda V
The guys at Your Legal were lovely to deal with and easy to approach.
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I knew what to expect through the buying process. Thanks Anthony and team!
Susan M

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