Your Legal guide to building reports

Who should do a building report inspection?

You need to connect with a Building Inspector. There are a lot of different inspection companies across New Zealand and we believe we have seen almost all company's reports and know which reports are comprehensive and cover the sort of issues that need to be looked at in your property. 

We don’t think it’s a good idea to use friends or family for Building Inspections. Building Inspectors look at properties all day every day and they are by experience trained to look out for specific issues and often have specialist tools that assist with their inspection.

What happens once we get the report?

Once you receive the report, we recommend you discuss it first with the Inspector and ascertain if there are any major issues that have arisen. Things to look out for include high moisture readings, floor levels that are outside MBIE guidelines and any major structural issues that may involve you incurring costs if not rectified.

What should I give to my lawyer to review?

Your lawyer’s job is not to read the report, so it’s important you discuss it with your building inspector. Should an issue be found then bring these to the attention of your lawyer. We can then negotiate on your behalf to have the Vendor rectify the problems or possibly reduce the price so you can undertake the work once you settle the purchase

Should I expect everything to be fixed before the sale?

Remember unless you are buying a brand-new home there will always be some maintenance issues for a property. A building inspection is for identifying major deficiencies in the property as well as providing you with some routine maintenance items. 

Be mindful that in most circumstances a Vendor will not necessarily agree to undertake every item that is identified in a building report that is otherwise to be expected in a home of the type and age you are buying. If the property you are buying has sustained earthquake damage ask the Inspector to review the EQC scope of works (if available) and to make specific comments as to whether the EQ repairs have been completed.

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